Welcome to vcwithme’s “How to be a VC” section. My hope is this will be useful to new angels and VCs as they share the journey with me. It should also be a helpful window for entrepreneurs… this is what we are thinking!

Enjoy it, share it, tell me what needs fixing, what is is missing. Please help me make it better. I’d love to include guest content, data and contributions.

And if this turns out to be useful to you, please make the ultimate VC:VC gift. Send me a deal to work on together! Or if you’re an entrepreneur, please tell me about your business.

Many thanks to Max at @lessonlyapp for letting me use his awesome learning platform for this material. Users will notice they need to enter an e-mail address to get access. I may reach out for feedback on the materials and with the occasional blog post, but no more.

Here is a start on the goods. I will keep adding modules over time:

1. Welcome

2. Venture rules of the road

3. Sourcing – the life blood of venture

4. Screening – the first cut

5. Due Diligence – digging in

6. The Deal: Terms, cap tables and waterfalls

7. The Deal: Relationship and negotiation

8. Portfolio management – partnership, adding value and making hard decisions

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