Guy is an early stage VC @hydeparkvp and blogs here. Big fan of fast growth, entrepreneurs who know how to make that happen and helping them as much as possible. Makes mistakes and tries to learn from them. Likes other who do the same.


Boring stuff about me here:

Guy has four years of venture capital and strategy experience, joining Hyde Park Venture Partners from Boston Consulting Group where he focused on corporate strategy across a variety of industries. Guy has been an Associate and then actively investing Member of Hyde Park Angels since 2009. He spent his early career as a mechanical engineer with Raytheon and General Electric and holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from Chicago Booth. Guy is also a Siebel Scholar, Kauffman Fellow and a co-inventor on two US Patents. He loves his wife and kids too!

More about HPVP at www.hydeparkvp.com

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